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Don’t be afraid…

Writing can be scary.

Lots of fears swirl around the process of writing in the business world. Say you’re asked to write an article for your industry’s trade magazine. What if you don’t have a good idea? What if you don’t write something that’s good, let alone good enough? What if your idea is great but your writing isn’t? Finally, what if you don’t have enough time to write it yourself and that means you’ll never get your ideas out there?

That’s a lot of pressure.

There’s an easier way and, unlike high school or college, it is not cheating. A ghostwriter can be a real lifesaver, sometimes.

  • If you are a subject matter expert but don’t have time to write out your thoughts, the ghostwriter can talk it through over a phone call. Boom. You’re done until you see the first draft.
  • Because the draft is not yours, you aren’t emotionally attached to every single word. You can be objective and work to make it better.
  • If the information flow doesn’t sit right with you, the ghostwriter can change it. That saves you time.
  • The ghostwriter has your back, from start to finish. They will do close proofreading throughout the process. They will make sure changes are made, errors fixed, and copy polished so it is concise and clean.
  • Finally, keeping your ideal reader in mind is sometimes hard. The ghostwriter can work with you to understand your target audience and deliver copy written specifically for them. You get to focus on your day-to-day business instead.

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to ghostwrite for professionals who don’t have the time or wherewithal to craft a by-lined article on their own. I work with the leader and their staff members — especially from the marketing communications office — to create an article that matches the leader’s voice and delivers the appropriate key points for the organization. I do research to bone up on the topic or see how others have approached it. That means I can bring marketing intelligence to the process and help guide the focus.

Of course, some people are more comfortable writing their own first draft. For them, my ghostwriting process is the same but with one added feature. I always keep in mind that my edits should improve the piece, not simply alter it for change’s sake. I know that having your writing edited can be a bit frightening so I make the process as painless as possible, explaining my approach and edits along the way.

Don’t be afraid. Ghostwriting help is on the way.

If your leaders don’t have time to do the heavy lifting of writing their own bylined articles from scratch, ghostwriting is a convenient and efficient alternative. Contact me for an estimate.