Geisinger Magazine

Published by Geisinger Health System: multiple profiles, features, and research summary articles appearing in 2016 and 2017.

Risk & Insurance Magazine

5/13/15 Cyber Vulnerabilities “Easy to Find”– Old ploys and process deficiencies impact 2014 data breach attack numbers.

Human Resource Executive Magazine

I’ve written many articles in recent years for Human Resource Executive magazine, including numerous cover stories. Topics have included: recruiting and engaging company talent; navigating EEOC, FMLA, and healthcare regulations; chief human resource officer profiles and discussions; HR technology, and more. I’ve talked with experts about the latest court rulings and to Fortune 50 HR leaders.

To see all the stories I’ve written, please see my HR Executive Magazine Author Page.

Recent articles are here:

11/21/19: These are the skills recruiters of tomorrow will need

12/9/19: Combatting holiday stress, the HR way

Some older topics (no longer on the website) include the following:

5/21/15 The Challenges of Healthcare-Cost Transparency– When it comes to providing employees with costs for healthcare providers and services, it seems that the spirit is willing but the resources are still weak—and few people are using available information to make decisions about their medical care.

4/28/15 HR Leadership-Development Lagging — A new survey finds leadership-development opportunities lacking for HR professionals, and experts say there are two main causes: simple economics and the failure to make an effective case for training people in the evolving HR role.

12/9/13 CHROs and their Mentors — Top HR leaders share their stories and experiences around the mentoring they received to help them succeed.

12/6/12 – Where Culture is King– Despite size, scope or industry, the Most Admired Companies for HR share a commitment to culture centered on values every employee lives by.

9/16/12 – What’s Keeping You Awake? — Employee engagement, top-talent retention and leadership development continue to lead the list of concerns keeping HR executives up at night.

5/1/12 – Lessons from the Top — HR Executive magazine cover story celebrating their 25th anniversary

4/2/12 – Perfecting the Hi-Po Process – HR Executive magazine cover story examining how organizations need to do a better job of choosing and grooming their most talented “high potential” employees in ways that impact business performance.

11/1/11 – Trust at the Top: Chief Human Resource Officers develop C-Suite Role — HR Executive magazine cover story

6/2/11 – Building a Better Boss– HR Executive magazine story on how companies can produce managers better equipped to inspire and engage employees in an ever-more-competitive economy.

2/7/11 – Keeping the Keepers: Holding onto high performers at the nation’s largest companies as the economy rebounds — HR Executive magazine cover story

11/1/10 – Lattice vs. Ladder: Lateral movement as employee engagement tool– HR Executive magazine

12/9/13 CHROs and their Mentors — Top HR leaders share their stories and experiences around the mentoring they received to help them succeed.

9/16/10 – “It’s Personal: Online social networking allows HR to identify & build relationships with potential recruits like never before” – Human Resources Executive magazine cover story