In my career, I have written thousands of projects, from articles to brochures to websites to annual reports to white papers and more. I’ve written about business, arts and community programs, health care, technology, human resources, insurance, and more, all with an ear for communicating complicated ideas in a compelling way.

I’m an editor with more than 25 years of hands-on experience. I don’t trash other people’s writing or voice; I work collaboratively with them to make their writing better. I also work with teams to review and improve larger writing projects.

Need that final review to make sure your project is grammatical, complete, understandable, clear, well-organized, etc.? Give me a call.

MarComm Projects
Since writing and editing are all about understanding the big picture, organizing various categories of content, and paying attention to the details, I also can manage many other kinds of projects, such as videos, websites, social media, photo shoots, marketing campaigns, etc.

Need a designer for the project you’ve hired me to work on? Let me recommend someone from my network of experienced designers of varying styles and affordability. I can also work with a designer of your choosing.

I can lead your team on a journey to develop a comprehensive communications strategy. Bring your people, goals, and background and I’ll bring the brainstorming toolkit.